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The granting of a European Patent is an important first step in protecting your invention. Your EP needs to be validated in each country in which you seek protection. If you want to validate your patent in Poland, we will get it done for you.

How do I validate my European Patent in Poland?

A European Patent is not a unitary right that is  automatically valid in all designated states. To be able to protect it, you will need to go through the process of validation in each designated country. The process of European Patent validation is the process of converting a single European Patent into a national patent in one or more states of the European Patent Organisation.

After a European Patent is granted, to validate it in Poland, you will need to act to have it published in Poland. Publication involves filing official forms  in the Polish Patent Office, filing a translation of the patent specification into Polish, and paying official fees. Only a patent attorney can apply for publication. Validation is required within 3 months from the date of granting a European Patent.

Why is it worth it?

You have 3 months from the granting of a European Patent to commence validation in the patent office in each country that you had designated in the patent application. To note is that after the 3 months it would no longer be possible to protect the invention in separate countries. You never know what the future will bring or when you will need that protection. Poland is a fast-growing market and attractive for both inventors and investors. The number of European Patents validated in Poland is steadily increasing. Protecting your intellectual property in this future-oriented market is definitely a reasonable strategy.

Overview of costs

The cost of  validating a patent depends on several factors such as the length of the patent description and the deadline for validation. Please contact us to get a personalized offer.


The general rule is that validation is required within 3 months from the date of mentioning in the European Bulletin that a European Patent has been granted. The sooner you get in touch with us, the better the rates we will be able to offer to you. However, last-minute validations – as late as 12 hours before a deadline – are also possible.