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We support our clients in effective legal protection of their brands. We believe that in this case there are two success factors: legal analysis before the introduction of the mark to the market and its registration with the competent office. Moreover, a system of properly constructed contracts as well as litigation experience are needed.


We have developed the unique Brandstorm legal service. Within its framework at a meeting with a client we assess the proposed list of marks for legal risks. This is an effective tool supporting the work of branding agencies and teams developing brands. By using it, we are able to analyse several dozens of proposed new brands during just a few meetings.


If there is no registration, to protect the interests of clients we use the provisions of copyright law and the law on combating unfair competition.


Our processes have proven especially useful in managing large portfolios of intellectual property rights. We also participate in international proceedings.

Practice partner

Bartosz Fert

Patent and trademark attorney, EUIPO representative, lawyer


+48 783 301 892
[email protected]

Services include:

  • Analyses:
    • of the right to use
    • of registrability
    • intellectual-property audits