Practice areas

The granting of a European Patent is an important first step in protecting your invention. Your EP needs to be validated in each country in which you seek protection. If you want to validate your patent in Poland, we will get it done for you.

Our tools and competences are adjusted to the challenges related to managing the largest portfolios of rights. This refers to all objects of intellectual property: inventions, marks, designs, plant varieties and topographies of integrated circuits.

We have unique experience in large international patent protection projects. We closely cooperate with a network of foreign partners, including in the USA, China, Korea and Germany.


We are building our leading position in managing disputes over intellectual property rights infringements. We look at a client’s problem from the perspective of all areas of law. We endeavor to resolve disputes as quickly as possible.

We support our clients in effective legal protection of their brands. We believe that in this case there are two success factors: legal analysis before the introduction of the mark to the market and its registration with the competent office.

We have extensive experience in using mechanisms for legal protection of designs, especially in the area of registration of industrial designs and effective application of copyright law and the law on combating unfair competition.

We believe that specialisation is the key to effective legal protection of technical solutions. Therefore, our team is composed of lawyers and engineers representing various areas, such as electronics, computer science, mechanics, chemistry and biotechnology.

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